Nail Strip: Designs – Misc.


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Cute designs


Pick out some of the already put together designs for you! No need to get overlays for these babies! You can accent them with a nice solid pattern to break up the design if you’d like and make a whole new Mixed Mani

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Mermaid Mauve, Pales & Scales, Mellow Mandala, Magnificent Marbling, We All Know It's van Gogh's, Classically Checkered, Peaceful Patterns, Peaches & Plaids, Black & White Plaids, Cupcakes, Strawberries, Bows & Blacks, Don't Forget Me Knot, Sweet Love, Blue Bows, Sherbert Starts, Spots & Stripes, Lavender Love, Music Galore, Pleasantly Colorful, Lumberjack Plaid, Amethyst Crystals, Pretty in Peaches, Over the Rainbow, Black Gingham, Silver & Stars, Zebra Stripes, Whimsical Stars, Lisa's Leopard, Tie Dye Swirls, Sharpie Doodles, Electric Vibes, 90's Nostalgia, Chevron green, Explosions, Universal DNA, Monarch Memories, Rainbow Glitter Mania, Razzle – Dazzle Scales, Lustrous Lanatus, Transformative Triangles