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Like the idea of the self-care boxes, but can’t afford everything? Let’s break it down! Everything that is in a box will be listed here. This also means you can swap things around! So you can get really cute bee soaps and that peachy geode together 😉

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Heart Bubble Bar, Purple Bubble Drop, Black Geode Bath Bomb, Blue Geode Bath Bomb, Peach Geode Bath Bomb, Lavender Bath Bomb, Green Scent Free Bath Bomb, Lotion Bar Honeysuckle, Lotion Bar Milk and Honey, Rose Soaps, Bee Soaps, Rock Soaps, Strawberry Soaps, Flower Wax Melts (Jasmine), Waffle Wax Melts (Chocolate Strawberry), Geodes 2in (actual geodes to crack open), Flamingo Me Crazy! Bubble Bar (and peony scrub), Flamingo Me Crazy! Bubble Bar (and citrus scrub), Flamingo Me Crazy! Bubble Bar & both scrubs, Shimmer Green Monstera (Mahogany Teakwood), Shimmer Purple Monstera (Honeysuckle), Refreshing Raindrop Monstera (Fresh Rain), Monstera Leaf Bubble Bar (Fresh Rain), Tropical Hibiscus Bubble Bar (Tropical Breeze), Combo Shimmer Green 1, Combo Shimmer Green 2, Combo Shimmer Purple 1, Combo Shimmer Purple 2, Combo Raindrop 1, Combo Raindrop 2, Combo Hibiscus Monstera Bubble Bars, Shimmer Green x2


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