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Welcome to Bioactive Nails! A page dedicated to eco, animal, vegan friendly and cruelty free nail wraps, which are also biodegradable! Look and feel good while keeping a little extra cash in your pocket.

These are stickers, but also nail polish since nail polish has various ingredients and no set chemical make up. These are plant based. Placed on correctly and with an appropriate sealer (ex: base coat, top coat, UV gel coat) these will last you about 5 days, possibly even 10! You’ll be picking these off before they chip (even if you happen to be the dishwasher in your household) or you’ll secretly hope they get really damaged so you can change out the set 😆 Please understand you do not need to seal them, but you should keep your hands and/or toes out of water for about 2 hours after applying. Showering beforehand allows for better cuticle removal! There will be “every day” and more common stock available, as well as unique patterns (relating to #bioactive)! Most of our products will be biodegradable, and will be eco-friendly. Majority of the products in stock will also be vegan friendly. Making sure each product that has all of those qualities is a very big priority. These make great gifts for every occasion as there will even be kids sizes! Want to host a party? Either online or in person? Email bioactivenails@gmail.com and we can work out the details. 

Beauty doesn’t have to be painful anymore ~ not for your health, your wallet, OR the world.

Our Mission

To bring you joy in a better way and make the world a better place by
using eco friendly and biodegradable products, including how it’s shipped to you.

These products are plant based and are free of the typical toxins found in other nail polishes.

Our History

The inspiration for this came from having reptiles, but no one having designs, so I found an OEM and made them myself. Past and present experiences have brought together the idea for the website, as well as the products combined. The ease of the application, how long it lasts, how nice it looks, also is what made this an easy

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