3rd Party Vendors

You haven’t only made my six impossible things happen, you’ve also helped other small
businesses along the way! Check them out!

Those who are curious,
my six impossible things are:

  1. Staying at home for my kids
  2. Being my own boss
  3. Making a useful income
  4. Helping the world with planting
  5. Bringing other eco-friendly items and factors to the table
  6. Personal goals for family and animals

Meet our third party vendors we
participate with!

From nail designs to fancy smells, there isn’t just one of me doing it all.
Pease take a moment to see who else has helped make your day just a little brighter :

Need some extra flavor in your life??
Check out teas the hatter would go mad for HERE

Soaps and Such

Sarah’s Soaps and Such
Sarah is such a wonderful person to work with and order from! She helped me make the nalfie boxes come to life and I love all of the unique items she hand crafted

Alluring Elixirs
Alluring Elixirs is another shop that has awesome items! She has made quite the specialty bath bombs, bars, and such! Check out what she has to offer in her shop!
Her page also has ASMR videos,
early releases, and other great offers

Not only did she help with photos for Ostentatious Octavia (who is her Tegu) and Triostar Blades (which is also her plant), but she has plants and isopods up for grabs on a regular basis! Check her out and click on her Instagram link 🙂 If she gets a website, it will be added

Creator of the Little Dipper line (and more to come), she is also the creator of quite a bit of geckos, herself! Instagram will take you to her account and her name will take you directly to her and her husbands’ page of their gorgeous animals they have
available 🙂

Squeaky Peach Soap
Some of our specialty items come from Sqeaky Peach Soap!
Check out her awesome specialty products and follow her on her Instagram for early releases and ASMR videos. Her name takes you to her Website and her Instagram link is just that!

Cosmic Ginger Arts
Her Etsy and Instagram are both linked to see the wonderful eye candy she has for you 😉
You’ll find various jewelry and stickers that she has personally taken the time to make herself! She has also helped with some seed cards and they will be an option here, shortly 🙂

Lindsay Derecola
She’s been super helpful behind the scenes with designing and laying certain things out for the website. She’s also great with other crafty projects and household items! Check her out!